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Have you thought about selling online? If you have, just imagine how great your Web Site can look. We have great selections, low prices and our sites are easy to use. Whether you are looking for something designed especially for you or desire a needed change, we have designs that are basic, navagatable and will work for you.

You will need a domain name, hosting, and a shopping cart before we proceed. We do recommend GoDaddy, if you need to purchase your domain.

All of our pre-made sites can be installed to your host. They can be completed by you or you have the option of our design team for $35 per hour. This does include additional graphics and any customization required. We do not set up products therefore, it is important you select a shopping cart first.

You will be able to manage your own site with no knowledge of html and no additional software. Sounds easy right? With a shopping cart these turn keys sites are easily managed as well as affordable.

Custom Web Design Prices

Our prices start at $350 for a site 2-4 pages. This includes the custom designed layout, header, links page and banner.

A site consisting of 5-8 pages is $700. This includes the custom designed layout, header, links page and banner.

There are additional fees for the following items.

Additional web pages..............$50 each
Site maintenance/updates ........$35/per hr
Web banners(static).................$35
Web banners(animated)............$45
Custom Logo...........................$40
Any other graphics, animations, links, attachments and designs
are additional and fees will be adjusted accordingly.

To view my most recent web site design,
please click the design below.


Design for www.PaintingWithBev.Blogspot.com www.paintingwithbev.blogspot.com

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