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A web banner is a graphic image used on Web Sites to advertise. They attract traffic to a web site by linking to another web site. The more sites you link to and they to yours, the more internet traffic your web address will have. Having a banner on alot of other sites highly optimizes your search engine placement. The better the placement the more traffic and sales you will obtain. Be sure to add your web address to your signature line in all your emails for advertising also.

We have a few options for web banners. We can custom design for you or you can choose from our pre made designs.
Custom Animated Banners are $45.00. Custom Static Banners are $35.00. Please see the samples below.

To view our Pre-made samples please click here.

Animated Banner 468 by 60
Animated Banner 468 by 60

Static Banner 468 by 60
Static Banner 468 by 60

Animated Banner 470by 100
Animated Banner 470 by 100

Static Banner 152 by 175
Animated Banner 152 by 175

Do you need a Favicon? Do you know what a favicon is and does? Our Favicon A Favicon is short for 'favorites icon' also know as a website icon. They are associated with, and should reflect the look and feel of your particular web site or web page. Having such an icon customizes the appearance in a visitor's browser and adds to the professionalism of your site, also allowing you to further promote your site. The Favicon is displayed on the Address line and in the Favorites menu within Explorer and Mozilla.

All Favicons are custom made. All we need to do is see your existing site to make one or you can purchase one designed to match a web site you purchase from us. All Favicons are $15.00. That includes the design and adding it to your web site.

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